Made with Sparkle

We specialize in American ales of all types, but focus on styles with full flavor profiles and modest ABV (Alcohol By Volume) levels. That means you’re not likely to see us making an American cream ale or a Russian Imperial stout. 

One of our favorites is the Creekwater Pale Ale, a west coast style pale ale with perfect blend of hops and malt..

We also love the Sleepy Creek IPA. 7.0% abv with 3 different kinds of hops for bittering, flavor and aroma.

The Appalachian Amber is another favorite. A reddish shade of ale with a crisp blend of malt and hops.

Hound Dog Brown is our brown ale .  What can I say besides, as lovable as man’s best friend. 

Tarheel Stout  is our answer to the dark-beer crowd.

A nice smooth malty character with some roasted notes and clean finish

We also produce a couple specialty beers ...

Creekwater 911 is a habanero pepper pale ale.

Tarheel Bourbon Stout infused with 1.5% Kentucky bourbon.